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Chess Match Press Kit

Welcome to the Chess Match Press page.  If you require any additional information, you can email us using the form below.

Fact Sheet:


Developer:  OmegaByte Entertainment
Release Date:  January 19th 2023
Platforms:  Steam PC
Price:  $4.99
Availabiliy:  Digital Download
ESRB:  E for Everyone
Press Contact:


Chessie Chicken's Chess Match is a one-of-a-kind game in the Match-3 genre.

In this game, players match three or more pieces by moving them like in a game of chess.

Each level has a set number of moves that the player must use to reach the level's target score before the time runs out. If the player meets the target score, they win the level.

As the player progresses, chickens will start to cross the board. To prevent damage, the player must catch the chickens by matching the rows they are walking on. If a chicken crosses the board, it will result in damage to the player's health. If the health drops to zero, the level is lost, but it can be refilled using special abilities gained from catching chickens.

The player can earn Chicken Combos by catching two or more chickens at once, which rewards them with large point bonuses.


  • A fun and educational way to learn how chess pieces move within a familiar Match-3 setting.

  • Over 60 Steam Leaderboards across all levels.

  • Playing Chess Match can improve a player's overall chess game by enhancing their board awareness and decision-making speed.

  • The game becomes more challenging as the player progresses, with increased chicken movement speed and changing board sizes depending on the world.

  • The player can choose to play casually by turning off the chickens and focusing on matches, or play the more challenging chicken mode with increased point potential through Chicken Combos.


  • Enjoy simple yet difficult-to-master games.

  • Are looking for a unique take on the Match-3 genre.

  • Want to improve their chessboard reading ability.

  • Love exploding chickens.

Video Trailer

Video Tutorial


Company Story

OmegaByte Entertainment was established in 2021 by David Breen, a seasoned gamer and game developer.

Our passion for sharing chess with the world has resulted in the creation of a unique cross-genre concept. Our aim is to make chess more accessible to people who may not have considered playing it otherwise.  We achieve this by blending the essential elements of chess with the familiar mechanics of Match-3 games.

Chess Match is the latest addition to the Chessie Chicken franchise.

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