Main Campaign







Help Chessie Chicken cross the Chessboards by moving to squares that are safe and cannot be attacked by a Chess piece.  Push the red button found on every Chessboard to open the gate so you may progress.  Campaign score is determined by the time cleared, health status and errors made.

Safe Squares








Improve your Chessboard awareness with this randomly generated Chess puzzle game.  Find the required number of green cubes by selecting the squares that cannot be attacked by a Chess piece.  Player has 90 seconds and 2 errors allowed on each puzzle.

Calculating Safe Squares Score:
(Boards Clear X 1000) + (Green X 25) - (Red X 50) - (Time)



Chessie Chicken is fully compatible with mouse or keyboard.  Using your mouse to play is very simple and self explanatory, while playing with your keyboard requires knowledge of the following commands.


Keyboard controls:

Main Menu:


P: Play Game

S: Safe Squares

W: Slot Machine

M: Magic Hat Store

T: Tutorial

D: Delete Game

Y/N: Yes/No

E: Exit Game


Spacebar: Begin Play

Number Pad/Arrow Keys: Move Chessie.

H: Open Magic Hat Inventory.

0-9: Equip Magic Hat.

Enter: Use Magic Hat Ability.
Backspace: Rotate Camera.

E: Exit to Menu.

Safe Squares:

Spacebar: Begin Play.

Arrow keys: Move Square Selection.

Enter: Select Square.

M: Change Music.

E: Exit to Menu.

Slot Machine:

Spacebar: Use Chessie Chip to Play.

Enter: Receive coins.

Magic Hat Store:

0-9: Select Magic Hat.

Spacebar: Purchase Magic Hat.

E: Exit to Menu.