Chessie Chicken is a Chess based spatial awareness game we created to stay sharp and focused on every battle.

The player controls Chessie, helping her navigate across Chessboards while avoiding squares that can be attacked by enemy pieces.

Family friendly game that is guaranteed to help you become a more focused Chess player!


Omega Mouse  is the only one stopping us from complete and total domination!


We injected a mouse with Omegabytes*, and it became Omega Mouse - upgraded to posses extraordinary abilities that make him a worthy advisory.

An advanced form of nanotechnology that upgrades the host to their final form.


Feisty Cats, guardians of the Land of Paws.  With Sweet Dreamer as their leader, the Feisty Cats work overtime to defend their kingdom from Nightmare and The Prowls.

Books available at the Feisty Cats website.

Animated series 2025